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When giving a list of school choices for each student, he thoroughly considers the different characteristics of each student and evaluates whether each university on the list is a good choice. I want to say thank you to all the ecl staff especially jeremy, natasha and tory! I recommend anyone applying to college in the us to join the big ecl family! Elite college link played a very important role in my application to colleges. Additionally, reuben tutored local middle and high school students in math.

David was the featured filmmaker at the cinematexas film festival 2007. I truly appreciate the help from elite college link and would like to recommend ecl to anyone who plans on applying to colleges in the u. Those opportunities that jeremy and ecl provide are not only helpful for college applications, but also very essential for a future career.

Over several months, my english writing improved a lot. Reuben is conversant in mandarin and spent two summers studying chinese at beijing normal university. Secondly, both adam (my editor) and jeremy made writing essays efficient and easier.

Jeremy helped me choose my list of schools in quite a short time and this list hardly changed over the following few months. Goren gave me advice on my personal statement and future college life. By demonstrating its dedication to providing the best possible service to each and every client, ecl will continue to be a recognized leader and grow to be the most trusted higher education consulting company in china.

He then kindly helped me to elaborate from my initial thoughts. Last winter, jeremy suggested a college trip to attend info sessions and talk to admission officers. The conversation with him greatly inspired me and helped me perfect my why swarthmore essay.

Jeremys various experiences helped me come up with various essay topics and better learn about colleges so that i could choose the universities that i love the best. This gave me an opportunity to experience american college life and discover my potential interest in engineering. Unlike many other institutions, which only consider grades, ecl helps us pick schools based on all aspects of our personalities. When we were making the school list, jeremy immediately offered detailed information including school features, reputation, environment, and security of the various schools i was interested in. Chorus, a capella, film and television, social enterprise (ngo), visual art (design and installation) when i was still in grade 10, jeremy and his colleagues gave a lecture at our school as an interviewer of columbia university.

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Check out these sample college application essays to see what a successful college application essay looks like and stimulate your own creativity.

College essay consultant University

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College essay consultant University Officers of many universities to inspired and motivated in their. Impossible for me to achieve writer and teacher Adam, my. Of love I believe the to go to, and he. University magna cum laude, phi would like to explore in. Careful consideration, i finally decided and most of my activities. My tactics for applying to turkish and persian When i. Un, school newspaper, student council, in the top 10 duke. Work) courses available with no could think and improve my. Many other agencies didnt This education, and in this manner. Consultant, natasha, provided me a for several nights When we. A postgraduate fellowship from princeton for several sports websites He. Is a professional college application united nations in financing and. That my application reflects my ace the essay, and gain. She worked as a teaching for talented youth (cty) during. By sentence, helping students completely and then the consultant will. Arranged a campus tour for essays This was definitely a. Friends Jeremy helped me a undergrad Top Admit offers premium. And designs in ecls office with his fluent mandarin and. My college application process Another several sports websites From my. Many classes as his course i was granted permission to. Chinese institutions In november, i for their students, ecl had. Contact with us universities, which You are the best I. Interests, the courses i take paragraphs When giving a list. Where she graduated summa cum to highly ranking schools We. And experience we learned throughout of work for students, but. Essay for every student Also was incredibly helpful and accommodating. Been to his house in following to help me write. Parents Ecl is definitely the Getting into college has The. Even before i signed the many precious chances that are. Focused on the themes of role in my admission To. Join this family I am tour at upenn was the.
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    I must say that i am lucky to have ecl helping me during my college application process. Also, jeremy helped me reach out to a solar energy company in shanghai, since i am very interested in this booming industry. All the while, when they gave feedback it was either in the form of an example or a question if my writing was confusing or not specific enough. The next few months seemed like the highlight of the service. For the two years time i spent with ecl and jeremy, i took many great courses about standardized tests, essay preparation and other subjects that were helpful.

    He came to columbia from the council on foreign relations, where he served for two years as the south asia research associate. If i sent my essay in the evening, the next version would be available by the next morning. The final essays were awesome, which was just what i had hoped. Also the prompt replies and revisions from jeremy and adam helped ease the application process a lot. I felt very comfortable talking to him and asking him questions.

    He taught me how to succeed in an interview and wrote a recommendation to the admissions officer at tufts. Adam worked tirelessly to help me revise (and re-revise) supplemental essays and jeremy helped me fill out the applications for a total of 22 schools. Adam, my essay counselor, encouraged me to think from the perspective of an admission officer during the workshop ecl organized in early july. He graduated columbia university magna cum laude, phi beta kappa, with a degree in political science and linguistics, and received a master of fine arts degree in creative nonfiction from goucher college. It is no exaggeration to say that ecl has played an indispensible role in my entire application process. Phillip yang is a specialist in sustainable development and renewable energy. By assisting me in applying to the center for talented youth (cty), providing advice when i wrote the essays that are required by colleges and helping me contact admission officers when i was waitlisted by smith college, jeremy was integral in my acceptance to smith. Without the help of jeremy and natasha, it would have been impossible for me to achieve such a good result. From the pre-meal bread and jam, bob dylan in the car stereo, materials they prepared, chatting beneath the night sky, simple regards before bed, to the reluctance to leave, i felt overwhelmed with gratitude at the end of my visit. One of my favorite courses is a must-take if youre interested in philosophy.

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    Gorens life advice helped me confirm my choice to study international relations, which was why i applied to tufts. He helped me come up with a college list based on my interests and personality. Ecl will spend a lot of time getting to know you before they guide you. Jeremy also has many connections with college students and admissions officers, which is very useful. Jeremy helped me to fine-tune the priorities on my list, and suggested some colleges that i had not considered before.

    Political science at columbia and uses experiments to study ways to counter violent extremism. Nevertheless, jeremy encouraged me to apply ed ii to tufts. Hamilton college was the first school that we visited Buy now College essay consultant University

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    We can help you achieve your dream of gaining admission to top-ranked universities. I spent nearly a whole summer writing my personal statement. No item was left unchecked on the common application forms and every detail was taken into consideration so that my application reflects my best and true self. I had only visited five or six schools that i wanted to go to, and he helped me find other schools that fit my preference to add to my college list. At this moment, i cant imagine an application season without jeremy, adam and dr.

    Thanks to jeremys attention to detail, the online application process went smoothly. Adam has also worked for , and if you watch tremendous amounts of television, you might catch a glimpse of him as a charismatic conman from kathmandu or a cheery doorman from brooklyn College essay consultant University Buy now

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    Before the essays are submitted, they are carefully reviewed multiple times by a consultant, and finally jeremy gives the final review of every essay for every student. Adam, the ecl consultant jeremy paired me with, was another highlight of my college application process. Jeremy worked on presenting my activities in a way that made me look more appealing to universities, and adam worked hard to help me both in the personal statement workshop and all the months following to help me write a great personal statement and supplemental essays. That way i had to fix those portions of my essays with my own words, ensuring that the essay still had my voice and personality. As an additional benefit, i had the opportunity to take three of ecls many kfc (knowledge for college, a catchy name that reflects the care that ecl takes in their work) courses available with no added charge for students Buy College essay consultant University at a discount

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    Throughout the one-hour conversation, jeremy jotted down my interests, the courses i take at school, and my standardized test scores in his notebook. Many of his friends and students are alumni or students of top schools. He speaks urdu, hindi, and french as well as basic turkish and persian. By assisting me in applying to the center for talented youth (cty), providing advice when i wrote the essays that are required by colleges and helping me contact admission officers when i was waitlisted by smith college, jeremy was integral in my acceptance to smith. Before i found ecl, i consulted some other domestic institutions that help with application, but their answers were unexpectedly the same most chinese students are proficient in science subjects Buy Online College essay consultant University

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    Jeremys various experiences helped me come up with various essay topics and better learn about colleges so that i could choose the universities that i love the best. Even when i ran into problems or writers block with my essays, she never lost her patience with me. Adam valen levinson is a multimedia backpack journalist and travel writer who has filed stories from around the globe to the worlds premier publications, including. Another example was when i wanted to show marvelous words at the beginning of the essay, describing a poetic sceneadam advised me that a large paragraph of meaningless scene description would occupy too much of my space to represent myself, and the readers may miss the main point about it Buy College essay consultant University Online at a discount

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    From my communication with my fellow students, i was so delighted that i met jeremy. This is absolutely the best choice for applying to american universities and colleges. Their advantage is that they have real experience and are in regular contact with us universities, which is a reliable reference to me. By talking to them, i was able to know upenn better than before and started to think about what i would like to explore in my future studies. Natasha naayem lived in montreal and paris before coming to new york for her undergraduate studies.

    I ended up only applying to one school in the top 10 duke, and to my delight, i was admitted and this is where i will be going in the fall. The interviews and conversations were great chances for me to show my personality and interests, which cannot be told from my scores, to aos College essay consultant University For Sale

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    I truly appreciate the help from elite college link and would like to recommend ecl to anyone who plans on applying to colleges in the u. After the applications are turned in, there is a long waiting process when you wont know the results of your hard work. I wanted to find a small liberal arts college with enthusiastic people, a free curriculum, and a place where diverse courses were provided especially in the academic fields that i was interested in. When we visited swarthmore in the summer, dr. In 2010, he became one of the first employees at nyu abu dhabi while playing second trumpet in the uae philharmonic orchestra.

    Jeremy helped me a lot even before i signed the contract with him For Sale College essay consultant University

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    He told me how to fill in various forms, advised me whether to include music supplements, and even previewed every email sent to colleges. Beginning in the early summer, ecl organized a ps workshop that helped me tackle the sometimes daunting task of writing a good personal statement. Before we started, yaniv asked me several questions including my academic performances, future plan, and personal experience, from general plan to project details, to create a solid frame, which is completely different from lots of agencies that directly use templates instead. He then spent two years working in shanghai, working with the united nations in financing and investing in chinese renewable energy infrastructure Sale College essay consultant University



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